Personalised Support

Interact Australia offers a wide range of disability support services to adults, children, young people and their families to assist in achieving their goals.

This may include becoming more independent, being active in community life or managing challenges associated with disability or complex health needs.

Is the active support that individuals and their families or support network receive to be in charge of planning and managing their own supports to create and focus on individual outcomes.

Self direction is about having the opportunity to say ‘how and what’ services you receive. Decision making is done by the person, family or other relevant supports (where appropriate) with as little or as much support as is needed.

Self-direction is being the driver of your own life, your goals and how you reach them. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been designed based on self-direction.

Self-direction provides individuals and families with support to control your own funding, join your funding with others, choose support staff, access community supports, and assist in monitoring and reviewing your individual plans. 

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