Our Vision, Values & Strategic objectives

Vision (what we aspire to be)

To be a leading national provider of quality, integrated services for people with a disability.

Our Purpose (why we exist)

To champion and support people with a disability in their choices, based on principles of opportunity, participation, inclusion and equality.  

Our Values (based on IntoWork’s agreed Group wide values)

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Teamwork & Partnerships
  • Respect & Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Achievement
  • Quality


  1. Implement an ongoing workforce development plan to ensure a skilled, engaged, participant focused workforce which can scale up to meet increasing demands.
  2. Increase community services to meet demands, funded through tenders and the NDIS.
  3. Expand employment related services through the DES tender as well as NDIS employment funded opportunities.
  4. Provide quality services which are self-directed and person-centred through an integrated service delivery model.
  5. Advocate with and on behalf of people with a disability.
  6. Strong, appropriate marketing of the organisation and its services in order to engage more participants.
  7. Ensure systems, processes and infrastructure capabilities are efficient, fit for purpose and scalable.
  8. Engage with key stakeholders who are committed to achieving similar optimal outcomes for individuals and communities.