Offender Reintegration Services – Stepping Up

Interact has experience providing a range of services for individuals who are, or who have been involved in the criminal justice system and who are often experiencing multiple and complex issues.


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Stepping Up Stepping Out

Interact, Odyssey House, Task Force Community Agency and Youth Projects are working in partnership with Corrections Victoria to deliver the Stepping Up Stepping Out program to men whose sentence is ending and are transitioning back into the community after a significant period of incarceration. The program is delivered at the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre in Melbourne. The philosophy and practice of this program is to provide a ‘joined up’ service response that addresses the multiple and complex needs that incarcerated men experience post release. Weekly group sessions provide residents with a space to listen to different presenters and discuss and explore personal and group transition issues such as housing and accommodation, finding employment, work experience, financial literacy, reconnecting with family and parenting.

This consortium won the 2009 Not-for-Profit Excellence Award in the category of Partnership of the Year.