NDIS Rollout

The first stage of the NDIS rollout was launched July 2013 in four locations throughout Australia. The scheme will progressively be fully rolled out by 2019.

On the 1 July 2013, the NDIS commenced in:

  • Hunter Region in NSW for people up to age 65
  • Barwon Region, Victoria
  • South Australia for children 6 and under (on 1 July 2014)
  • Tasmania for young people aged 15-24

 From the 1 July 2014, the NDIS commenced in

  • the ACT
  • The Barkly Region of Northern Territory
  • The Perth Hills Region of Western Australia

On the 1 July 2015 the NDIS started in the Nepean Blue Mountains Region of NSW for up to 2000 young people aged 18 and under.

The Scheme will fully be rolled out  in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory will start from July 2016

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