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Additional Information about Working at Interact Australia

Working with us….

We value every person by acknowledging and respecting their individuality, by listening and hearing, by inspiring action and change, by creating connections to achieve social inclusion and equality. We do this by staying strong to our values, by employing people that have the same values and by recognising what works by listening and responding to our community.

Our values guide all organisational decisions, especially across our recruitment and employment practices. We intentionally recruit and retain individuals that not only have the required skills but also align, relate and demonstrate our purpose and values.

We understand and acknowledge our dedicated and driven people by providing a workplace that offers many initiatives to support our people in their careers and personal endeavours.

Why work with Interact?

We encourage and drive a learning, development and advocacy culture -

Interact Australia is dedicated to making a difference in the community; we understand that this is done by our people and the quality of service our people are trained and aligned to deliver. By acknowledging this, we have in place many training and development initiatives that support our people to grow professionally and personally.

  • In-house on the job training
  • Induction training
  • Professional development
  • Industry conference attendance
  • E-learning training programs
  • Webinars accessing sector change and new initiatives
  • training support and study leave

We offer workplace flexibility –

We have in place flexible working arrangements that employees can take advantage of. These cover job share, career or personal sabbatical leave opportunities to support our people in discovering other areas of their career or personal growth.

  • flexible working hours and employee initiated part-time work
  • Job Share arrangements
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Purchase leave to attend to personal pursuits
  • Study leave to pursue further career development and advancement
  • Flexi- time

 We offer a diverse workplace that celebrates differences –

We are an employer of equal opportunity and diversity, we believe with diversity comes culture enrichment and a stronger workforce that reflects the community. We invite applicants that have reputable work history, strong advocacy based work application, understand person centered service delivery and who align to our values and purpose. We recruit on merit, skills, potential contribution to the organisation and organisation values alignment. We encourage applicants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people with a disability, and LGBTIQ+.

Employee Representation

The voice of the employee is imperative to the organisation success. Who best to ask then the people who are performing the tasks. To gain employee feedback and inclusive decision making we have an employee representative group that informs organisation decision making and gives rise to any initiatives and improvements.

Other benefits available to employees

  • Remuneration and Reward programs
  • Health and wellbeing program
  • Salary sacrificing available to all employees
  • Anniversary Recognition

Employment Compliance

All employees are required to have a current Police Check before commencement of employment and review their Police Check every two years. If the position requires a Working With Children check, employees will need to produces this on day of commencement.

Queensland applicants are required to posses and Yellow Card and/or Blue Card on commencement and are required to ensure cards are valid throughout employment.