Our Vision, Values & Strategic objectives

Our Purpose

Enhance lives through participation, opportunity and choice. We work alongside people to achieve social inclusion and equality.

Our Values


  • Respects…
  • Inspires…
  • Creates…
  • Achieves…
    “….with me”.

Our Strategic Objectives

  1. Interact will continue to work towards a long term sustainable financial position through excellent management of our scarce resources.
  2. Interact will transition its current service delivery support models towards individualised, person centred and self-directed programs. Including, seek revenue growth opportunities through new contracts and emerging markets.
  3. Develop an appropriate marketing presence, or Service Proposition (Unique Value Proposition – UVP) to market that identities and leverages our point of difference.
  4. Be NDIS ready. Build, develop and integrate appropriate systems, disciplines and supports that allow our workforce to deliver our programs and can track individual funding packages.
  5. Interact will develop and pursue a People and Staff culture that is reflective of our Values and Purpose Statement. Right people, Right roles.
  6. Interact will work in partnership with its key stakeholders to ensure we maintain an outstanding, high quality provision of community services.
  7. Ensure good Corporate Governance across organization and Board.