Employment & Training Services

Interact’s Employment and Training Services is committed to achieving economic and social inclusion for disadvantaged people through the provision of employment and training services. The Division also assists with comprehensive and competitive training through our partnerships. We offer recruitment and training services to varied employers experiencing labor market and skills shortages.. Interact Employment and Training Services is a member of CoAct which is a national network of locally-embedded community service employment providers who offer all employment services nationally. This includes opportunities for Australia’s disadvantaged to create social and economic opportunities.

As a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider Interact delivers a comprehensive range of Employment Services to people experiencing disability issues including Mental Health, Neurological, ABI, Psychological, Learning and Injury, at our offices situated in Eltham, Epping, Heidelberg and Preston.


If you are a person with a disability and are looking for work, then Interact Employment & Training can help. We offer all participants personalized support, guidance and assistance in overcoming your employment barriers to successfully navigate you through the pathways to fulfilling your employment goals.

We assist all Job Seekers with a disability in achieving meaningful employment.. 

In conjunction with CoAct here at Interact we can also introduce you to the appropriate support networks that already exist in your community that can help and support your needs in transforming your journey back into employment, social and economic inclusion.


For more information please visit the CoAct website at www.coact.org.au.

For information or guidelines on how to find jobs, post your resumes and receive daily job match emails please visit the Job Active website at www.jobsearch.gov.au

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