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Interact Australia, established in 1991, is a successful and innovative not-for-profit  organisation.

With interests in Personalized Support, Employment & Training, Community Hubs, Recreational Programs, Interact Arts, Respite programs, and more Interact Australia employs more than 200 staff at our offices and facilities throughout Victoria and Queensland.

Interact Australia is committed to being a place for exciting ideas and inspiring experiences. The main focus of our work is in making a positive difference to the everyday lives of individuals in the community.

We value every person by acknowledging and respecting their individuality, by listening and hearing, by inspiring action and change, by creating connections to achieve social inclusion and equality. We do this by staying strong to our values, by employing people that have the same values and by recognising what works by listening and responding to our community.

At Interact we are also continually striving to create workplaces that help us achieve our business goals. For us, this means that we will support, encourage and develop staff to achieve both personal and professional goals within an organisational culture of high performance.

Our values guide all organisational decisions, especially across our recruitment and employment practices. We intentionally recruit and retain individuals that not only have the required skills but also align, relate and demonstrate our purpose and values.

We understand and acknowledge our dedicated and driven people by providing a workplace that offers many initiatives to support our people in their careers and personal endeavours.

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Annual Reports & Financial Statements
Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2016
Financial Statement for the Year Ended 30 June 2016
Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2015
Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2014


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